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The Getgle Manifesto
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The Purpose of this Manifesto

The purpose of this manifesto is to explain why I've shutdown Getgle, the history of Getgle and my personal feelings towards it's end. The short of it is that while Getgle will live on in my heart maintaining it is too time consuming and I want to work on new things. I want to make things I can put in my portfolio or show to family members. I can't justify spending all this time maintaining a secret website and fixing it's bugs.

I know this writeup is really long and it's sappy at parts but that's just what happens when you shutdown a website that you created when you were a literal child. This is what happens when you shutdown a website you've hosted for half a decade. Not only that but I wrote this entire manifesto on September 9th and half way through I realized what day it was and it's literally Getgles birthday. That hits you in the feels.

2. The Fate of Getgle Girl

Just because I'm shutting down Getgle doesn't mean Getgle Girl is gone. She (male) will still be present on my channel and is still the mascot for all things Getgle and Getindor alike. The Pink Panther went off the air in 1980 and yet he's still the mascot for Owens CorningĀ® so I don't see why Getgle Girl can't outlive Getgle in the same way.

The Abridged History and Lore of Getgle

1. Genesis

Way back in September 9th, 2015 I started Getgle on the getgle.ga domain. I made it because my current username at the time was a combination of Getindor and Google. Someone looked up the word Getgle and found a strange chinese website full of broken english and links to random websites called Getgle. Getgle.GA was made to be a parody of that website where I replaced the table of links with links to weird/funny websites or websites made by my friends. This is where the original Getgle logo originates from and where the catchphrase "you get glee" came from, they were a parody of that original chinese website.

Getgle stayed that way for about a week or so but then my friend Landon made a PHP program called Fileboard. Nobody was hosting it at the time so I put two and two together and uploaded it to Getgle as Getgle Drive. It was a smash hit and the combination of Getgle's funny branding and Landon's great software made in extremely popular amongst users in the chatroom. Hundreds of files were uploaded to Getgle Drive and it was in constant use every single day.

I give that action some credit for me and Landon being good friends online to this day. Before that we were not close and constantly snarled at eachother like feral dogs. Getgle Drive was an olive branch and both of us combining our projects built a sense of brotherhood amongst us. When I think of Getgle I think of it as a monument to all the friends I've made online all these years.

Getgle helped me make so many more connections with people that may have otherwise not formed and many of my friends would end up eventually contributing meme pages to Getgle. It was and still is a big part of what formed my identity as a person and the knowledge that I gained from messing around with Getgle will benefit me now in my adult life as I apply the knowledge to a career.

I know it sounds overly dramatic but Getgle and the albums I made back then really did improve my confidence and self image a lot, I was making stuff and people liked the stuff I made. It gave me my first taste of self-value and I'll remember it fondly forever because of that. This is honestly the main reason that I hosted Getgle even during the years that basically nobody was looking at it, I hosted it because it meant something to me. It still means something to me. I worked on it during some of the worst years in my life and it helped me to escape the real world. That's why I'm making it a memorial page instead of just abandoning it.

2. Evolution

The purpose of this section is simply to show screenshots of Getgle that I have saved from various years.

Getgle 2016 - view image
Getgle 2017 - view image
Getgle 2019 - view image
Getgle 2020 - view image
Getgle's Final Appearance - view image

The New Getgle and It's Downfall

1. The Big Idea

In late 2019 I had a vision, a vision of a new Getgle. A Getgle of a far greater scale and with many more services and a lot more content. I achieved that vision and added many new pages and services to Getgle and completely remade older services from scratch. I envisioned that Getgle would be a gigantic labyrinth that would confuse new users because of it's sheer scale. In 2020 I achieved that vision and Getgle encompassed so many types of functionality that it could've easily been split into 10 or more websites. I was even hosting my friends websites as long as they added getgle branding. It was great.

2. The Approaching Downfall

The thing about hosting a website that is functionally the same as ten websites is that it's exactly the same as maintaining ten seperates websites. Getgle was a magnificent and beautiful house of cards but the bigger a house of cards is, the more likely it is to collapse and the more difficult it is to rebuild. I have poured more time into Getgle in the last year than I've poured into Getgle in the first four. The combination of the increased amount of functionality and services and the increasing exposure to new users created many bugs and issues that needed to be sorted out multiple times a week. I kept up with it for a long time but I simply cannot justify the time spent maintaining the new Getgle and I find it tedious to do now.

3. The Downfall

I've been reconsidering my life and all the time I've spent on Getgle for a while now but the straw that finally broke the camels back was Getgle getting banned from the webhost. Many of the posts from personals, links, drive, docs, coin, chat are all gone. I did backup Getgle occasionally but when a website is as large as Getgle it's really not appealing to back it up all the time. This combined with the fact that I still had site-breaking bugs in multiple Getgle services was when I decided to cut cord on this entire operation.

The Extrapolation of Getindor

1. The Alternative to Shutting Down

Before I made the decision to shut down Getgle I thought of different ways I could keep Getgle alive while not having to moderate, maintain or fix it. The only other option other than shutting it down was to disable anything that users could post on. Drive, Docs, Links, GetgleBBS, Coin, GetChat, Personals, 4Shout and other services would have to be shutdown permanently. I would also have to go through any of my article pages and see if they had comment sections and remove them.

I came to the conclusion that if I was to do that then Getgle wouldn't really be Getgle anymore. It'd be a husk of it's former self. The whole idea, joke and concept of Getgle would be completely gone. Gutting Getgle would be the same as shutting down Getgle except it would be a disgrace to the website, it's users and me. It would be a silent and dishonest way to go. Getgle deserves better.

2. Post Mortem and What I've Learned

What I've learned from my decision to expand Getgle is while it's easy to create a million different PHP applications and throw them up on a cheap host, it's very tedious to maintain them. However all of this being said I absolutely recommend that people create many different applications in a short span of time as I did. Every mistake I made when creating a Getgle Service taught me what to do differently in the next application. I have way more knowledge about security and writing clean modular code now that I've written all these applications. Just for the love of God don't host all of them if you value your time.

Write as many programs as you can and don't be afraid of screwing up or writing bad code. You will gain more knowledge from one mistake than you will learn from five books.

3. The End

I've spent too much time writing all of this and I think I've said everything I needed to say. If you actually read all of this then I'm honored. I poured my heart out into this manifesto and it's taken a weight off of my chest having written it all out. Thanks for reading this and thank you for using Getgle. <3

If you want to contact me email getindor@protonmail.com